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Long car rides to the course ‘Osteopathy for Children’ led to a beautiful friendship and the setting up of a charity project (Osteopathic Children’s Project at the Twentse Zorgcentra) with children with (multiple) intellectual and physical disabilities. After 10 years the project stopped, but the drive and passion to continue to put on the map the feeling/the perception stayed. The ideas took shape and Osteopathic Studies became a reality.

Osteopathic Studies is een initiative of Corry Bezuijen (D.O.-M.R.O.), Carla Harmsen (D.O.-M.R.O.) en Dennis Holverda (D.O.-M.R.O.) joined when he heared about hij hoorde the plans for Biobasics NL.

This successful collaboration led to 2 successful Biobasics NL editions and a new challenge:
Organizing a 3 day coarse with an international speaker.

The course ‘New Tools in Osteopathy’ with Maurice Bensoussan was a successful course in all respects. This has made Osteopathic Studies decide to organize another course with Maurice Bensoussan. His passion to pass on his experience before he retires has led to the formation of a team of experienced colleagues. Due to Covid-19, the course has been postponed a number of times.

Corry has officially retired as a board member of Osteopathic Studies since January 1, 2021. We thank her for the inspiring contribution she has made to the development of Osteopathic Studies, Biobasics and New Tools in Osteopathy. Her selfless dedication and the hard work she did for Osteopathic Studies have helped us to create great courses.

Osteopathic Studies remains a non-profit organization and continues in the same way with Dennis and Carla.

Dennis Holverda

Dennis Holverda

D.O. M.R.O.

Carla Harmsen

Carla Harmsen