Neurology ‘Cortex I’: june 23 – 25 2023

Basic Tools Day: june 22th 2023

by Maurice Bensoussan M.D., D.O., F.C.A.

Coarse Neurology ‘Cortex I’

Date: June 23, 24 & 25 2023 Theme: Neurology ‘Cortex I’ Teacher: Maurice Bensoussan M.D., D.O., F.C.A

Attention: The 22th of June a Basic Tools Day is organised as an introduction to this course.

‘Probably in no other practice than the osteopathic does personal therapeutic ability count for so much. Osteopathy exemplifies a distinct advance of the knowledge of the healing art, based primarily upon the etiologic diagnosis of many disorders, and as a consequence technical efficiency is dependent upon a high degree of skill and extended experience. This is something that cannot possibly be learned from text-books but demands the careful and painstaking instruction of sympathetic teachers, over a considerable period of time.’

Carl P. McConnell (Clinical Osteopathy, A.T. Still Research Institute, Chicago, Illinois 1917)

Pleasantly surprised by the nice comments on the Neurology course ‘Cortex I’ and the Basic Tools Day, Osteopathic Studies has decided once again Maurice Bensoussan, M.D., D.O., F.C.A. to bring to the Netherlands. Sharing and passing on his experience and skills before retiring is a major motivation for Maurice to come back to the Netherlands. Osteopathic Studies is pleased and proud to once again have the opportunity to take a course with Maurice Bensoussan, M.D., D.O., F.C.A. to organise. Also in this second edition of Neurology ‘Cortex I’ we take on the challenge together with Maurice to perfect our ‘techniques’ and way of working from a neurological perspective.

During this course, where neuroanatomy serves as a guideline for practice, Maurice will be supported by a team of experienced colleagues. This enthusiastic team of teachers work at different osteopathic schools. All are trained by Maurice and a few lectures and labs will be given by them. Maurice will of course be the headteacher of this inspiring course.

In ‘Neurology: Cortex I’ Maurice Bensoussan combines the osteopathic principles with new scientific insights and knowledge in neurology. All embedded in his 35 years of experience!

How to use your neurologic knowledge in an effective way? Maurice and his team will give short theoretical introductions followed by the labs. The labs teach us how to use our new insights and we will develop our perception in an other way. At the end of the course we will be more precise and more efficient in our treatments. ‘Dig on and explore’! Our team of table-trainers will support you. They like to share their experiences and their knowledge.

“Osteopathic Studies is a non-profit organisation and tries to organize low-budget courses.”

BASIC TOOLS DAY Datum: June 22th 2021

Prior to the course Neurology ‘Cortex I’ we organize an Basic Tools Day. On this day Maurice will repeat his principles of working with the ‘springs’, compression(according to Rollin Becker) and ‘the Mechanism’ . This day is a must as a preparation for the course. Even for those who participated the course ‘New Tools in Osteopathy’Vertebral Column.

On the registration-form there is a paragraph to subscribe for this inspiring day. We will not charge organisation- and teaching costs for this day. We will only charge an amount for lunch/coffee/tea and classroom hire. You will receive information about the price. Again: it is only possible to register for this day in combination with the course Neurology ‘Cortex I’

June 2023, 23, 24, 25. (2 days and a half)

‘ Of all parts of the body of man to be well studied, the brain should bet he most attractive. It is the place where all force centers, where all nerves connect to one common battery. By its orders the laboratory of life begins to move on crude material and labors until blood is formed and becomes food for all nerves first;  then the arteries and veins by nerve action and forces, tos uit each class of work tob e done by that set of nerves which is to construct forms; keep blood constantly in motion by arteries and from all parts back to the heart, through the veins, that teh blood may be purified, renewed and re-enter the arteries tob e taken to all places of need.‘

                                               A.T. Still (Phyiosophy of Osteopathy, Kirksvill Mo., 1899 pg 47-48)

‘Problems that arise in the Primary Respiratory Mechanism, especially the membranes and  preosseus elements, might influence the brain, cranial nerves, hypothalamus and along the floor and side of the third ventricle, which contains the primary centers of the autonomic system, thus presenting a possible basis for nervous and mental reactions’

Robert C. Fulford (Are we on the path? Theresa A. Cisler, The Cranial Academy, 2003 pg 33)

In this 2,5 day practical orientated course Neurology ‘Cortex I’ takes Maurice Bensoussan will take us on a journey through the brain. Starting with the cortex we will notice in practical sessions how we can localise certain parts of the cortex. Using anatomy, physiology, structure, function and visualisation we learn by practical labs how we can use these areas in a effective way during treatment.

We will use the cortex as a point of engagement to learn to work with neurology, because everything starts and ends there, directly … indirectly. A short overview of the embryology of the brain, some important histological points of engagement for treatment, the structure of the cortex, how does the cortex work, recognize the most cortical areas and how to treat them are items we will overlook together. Other items: the membranous system, the ventricular system with the LCS, cingulate and insular cortex, diencephalon with thalamus, mesencephalon, basal gangla, the motoric system, localisation, what is normal/abnormal and how to ‘reset’ the nervous system. Maurice Bensoussan will tell us about his experiences and treatment of clinical neurological syndromes as Epilepsy, Parkinson and Pain.

Dates:June 2023, 23, 24, 25
Times:08.00 hRegister, reception with coffee/tea
08.30 u – 17.30 hinclusive lunch, followed by a joint drink
08.30 u – 17.30 h
08.30 u – 13.00 h

Joint diner: on Friday evening June 22th Osteopathic Studies will book places for a joint 3- course dinner (choice meat/fish/vegetarian). At the registration-form you can indicate allergies, intollerance, special preferences. Registration is necessary.

Costs course: 590,00 Euro

Included: coffee, tea, water, 2x lunch. Excluded: Basic Tools Day, dinner, drinks and overnight stay.


Because last year we liked Stadsvilla Sonsbeek so much, we are happy to organize the course at this location again this year.

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    Prior to the course Neurology ‘Cortex I’ we organize an Basic Tools Day. On this day Maurice will repeat his principles of working with the ‘springs’, compression(according to Rollin Becker) and ‘the Mechanism’ . This day is a must as a preparation for the course. Even for those who participated the course ‘New Tools in Osteopathy’Vertebral Column.

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